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The Perfect Home Remedies For Nasal Polyps

Many people do not take any medicines and only depend on home remedies for treating various ailments. This is true even for treating nasal polyps. Here are 5 nasal polyps home remedies that work really well.

turmeric remedies for nose polyps


Being a natural herb, turmeric also has anti-inflammatory components which makes it a potent treatment for nasal polyps. Consuming one teaspoon of turmeric with a glass of hot milk every day, once each day and once before going to your bed, can help reduce and cure nasal polyps.


The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of garlic causes it to be a wonder-cure for many long-term ailments. Garlic stimulates often the nasal glands and provides the mucous to flow thereby fighting any infections that could be the cause for the growth of polyps. Just chew a few cloves every day or boil in some water and drink two to three times a day.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is actually a potent aromatic oil together with strong antibacterial, anti-fungal, along with anti-inflammatory properties. It can help minimize any swelling caused by the actual nasal polyps and can furthermore cure polyps with typical use. Dip a natural cotton bud in the oil and apply it over the nasal passage at least few times a day.


Abundant with Vitamin C, oranges aid boost your immune system to battle any infections responsible for breathing illnesses. The bioflavonoids seen in oranges also helps regulate and look after healthy nasal tissues in addition to inhibit the growth of sinus polyps. Make sure you include a melon and other citrus fruits in your daily diet.



Horseradish as a cure does seem to make sense, but it is an efficient way to fight nasal polyps. The high sulfur content within horseradish also gives it solid antibacterial and antibiotic power which stop nasal inflammation and reduce polyps. If you find the particular smell of horseradish too strong, try consuming it with honey.